Why are product descriptions important?

You have certainly been in the situation to enter a store, to want to buy a product only that the seller was too preoccupied with chatting over the phone with a friend. She hasn’t explained anything to you about the products, you have barely found them on the shelf, there in a corner. And because it had a high price you made the decision to leave disappointed. It’s the same in the online environment. You can have the best product, carefully chosen by you, but unless you explain the product in detail, then the visitor will leave immediately and will no longer become a customer.


What does a proper description mean?

The title is very important in order to draw attention. Next to the basic information, meaning what kind of product it is, you also need to add in the title the most important benefit, an important characteristic, the brand and the weight.

Photographs and video: the customer must see the product in various options, angles. If you sell in the Marketplace, the rule is that the main photograph should be against a white background, without shadows and at a higher resolution. In return, the following photographs from the gallery must show the product: the texture, details, stitches in detail, or photographs expressing the technological process, characteristics, the materials the product is made of or a photograph showing the benefit of the product. These photographs are called “lifestyle photography” or “infographic”. Read more here: https://algoritm-europe.ro/foto-video

Product description:

If we are talking about products which have technology and useful functions, it is obvious that these characteristics will have to be pointed out. Only their standing out will not be made through text. Nobody has the time to read novels, do they? Icons and photographs will be used to illustrate those functions or the result. Here are two examples:

If we are talking about a food product: it may have a special technological process, or you may also write a recipe or a serving suggestion. No matter the product involved, there is definitely something to say. Think that the best seller showed you several products and showed you how wonderful they are. You would buy them, wouldn’t you? But, if you are a trading seller who doesn’t have their own brand and who only has products that many others trade, such vast research is not useful for you. But you can request it from the manufacturer or the dealer.

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