We often hear: "I don’t sell enough. I have done everything and it’s not working!"

”A tactic without a strategy is the noise before the defeat.”– Sun Tzu, Art of war.

You have a business, you sell online but it’s not going as you would like it to. You have invested a lot of money in merchandise, you have listed in Marketplaces, you have a website and still you do not get the turnover you would like or practically nothing is left in your pocket after you work every day.


At ALGORITM you have a team with expertise and experience of more than 23 years analyzing and being able to tell you why your sales do not increase. There are several points which need to be analyzed. Here is a short list of what you should consider:

  • products: are they well chosen? Are they in the right amount and price? Which is the position compared to the competition?
  • who we sell to and how: is the targeting correct? Are the sales channels well chosen?
  • marketing of products: are they described well? Does your customer understand what you wish to sell to him? Do you have enough photos?
  • complete costs: have you taken into consideration all the costs? Have you well calculated the margin? What about the profit?
  • logistics: how can I optimize cost?

These aspects are only part of the analysis you should be conducting. We can help you. Let’s get to know each other!

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