Uploading the products through feed or manual uploading?

In order to sell online, first of all you must have the products uploaded on your website or in the Marketplace. The serious IT teams will tell you as of the beginning that this is your responsibility. How do you upload them? You have two options: automatically through the API (but someone must still fill in a feed, meaning an Excel file) or manually. 

The automated uploading in the Marketplaces is very fast if you have the feed or if you have already uploaded the products onto your website. In return, the feed uploading does not offer you some aspects which you can only do by manual uploading such as correct filters.

If you have few products or just simply don’t have the time to fill in files for the uploading of the products, you will find at ALGORITM solutions for the manual uploading or the automated uploading. We have super speed for the uploading of the products. Test us!