Speak about your products

Who must invest in descriptions about the product?

  • A company representing a brand
  • A local manufacturer
  • An importer manufacturing in China or in another country (OEM or its own brand)

If you are just a reseller and you are fighting for the buy-button, then all you can do is ask for a research and for the EAN code of the product from your supplier, using which you can list yourself in the online environment (your own website or Marketplaces)

Why product descriptions are important

Statistically speaking, 82% of the customers are influenced in their decision to buy based on the information from the product description and 83% based on images. What does that mean?

  • Larger sales
  • Less returns

What does a proper description mean?

  • Title: a good title includes SEO words so that your product may reach better positions on the page.
  • Photographs and videos: the customer needs to see your product. Online, next to the main photograph you also need secondary photographs, a 360 video through which you may show your product from all the angles, and even a descriptive, infographic photograph. Read here more about the product photograph, infographic and 360 video: https://algoritm-europe.ro/foto-video
  • Product description:
    It is the text and the graphics that tells the customer everything about your product. Don’t be cheap with words and images. You must offer them all the information: both how to use the product and what it is made of, details about the manufacturing or the benefits, how to properly maintain the product for a longer period of time, certifications, and other things that would clarify your product for the customer, about what they are buying. The texts are usually illustrated with pictures and icons which are easier to perceive by the customers and remain in the consumer’s mind longer that a text.

We know that you need time and experience to do all these but they are very important and that is why ALGORITM has a team specializing on product marketing for the online stores.

Write us to tell you more.

In return, if you are a trading seller who does not have their own brand and who only has products that many others trade, such vast research is not useful for you, but you can request it from the manufacturer or the dealer.