Packing the products – does it matter or not?

What would you think if you got the latest iPhone that you want so much in an improvised, dusty and torn package? The feeling would be that you have paid too much for that. The most unconfident will probably find an excuse: “They are a brand, they’ve got money. I cannot invest in boxes and small things”.


Now, we will not try to convince you that you need to invest but we will tell you what must be done and the effect that the sellers who pad attention to the packaging of product had.

Basic items:

  • The packaging must be clean, without any traces of grease, fingerprints or stains
  • The box must be properly sized to fit the product
  • The product must be clean, dusted, otherwise you will have negligence written all over you and that it stayed on the shelf of the storage for too long
  • Do not put inside dirty fillings or something that seems reused, with scotch tape glued from another brand

Items that add value:

  • The packaging must be compliant to the quality of the product: if you have an expensive product, then the box you use must be of a better, thicker cardboard/material which will reflect the quality of the sent product.
  • As a little “touch”, use parchment paper on the inside. The product will look better.
  • Tie the product with a bow printed with the brand of your product or in appropriate colors (the print must not include your website or other direct contact information)
  • You can add a small flyer with recommendations for the maintenance of the product, thanks for the order, instructions for easy return.

Safety items:

  • Transport sensitive products need more solid packaging. Think like a courier or the transfer to the warehouse will not be made as if transporting eggs. It is better to make sure that you have bubble wrap or even a solid box with hard corners to protect your product.
  • Add a FRAGILE label to the package.

What NOT to do:

  • Do not direct the customer from the Marketplace to your website. Do not add business cards or flyers with your contact information in the package (it is a violation of the terms and conditions of the Marketplace)

And if the above have not convinced you, here are the benefits of a careful and correct packaging:

  • It increases the positive reviews given to the seller
  • It decreases the return rate
  • It increases the recurrence of the orders (a customer will return and order again from you)
  • The customer will consider that “it is worth paying a little more”

At ALGORITM we can offer you packaging options which are suitable for your product.

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