ALGORITM owns a professional photo studio where we make the products photos and 360 videos which are so necessary for the online environment. You’re dealing away with additional photography processing costs. We deliver the photo in 14 formats (jpg, gif, png, html, htmlwebP, webP, raw, mov, mp4, web, SWATCH, MASK, Tiff and TiffAlfa) so that you may use your sources wherever you may need: in the social media, in printed materials, in creation, on your website or in Marketplaces.

What we deliver:

1. packshot photography: white background, without any shadows, as is required for the main photograph in Marketplaces. But on your e-commerce platform you may also use product photos with another type of background or a colored background. At ALGORITM we may offer from the props of the studio multiple background and textures options: stone, textiles, leather, wood, leaves.

2. lifestyle photography: with background or with props – the props may come from you or we can use the props from the studio. The LifeStyle photography adds value to the product and may be used in the pictures gallery, in catalogues and flyers and in the social media accounts. Invest once and you have useful sources for different communication materials.


3. infographic photography: is the photograph which also has details about the product, explains to the customer a characteristic or several characteristics of your product; needs processing in creation and adding details

4. 360 video: extremely useful for the products you must show from all angles. For example: a bag, a shoe, a speaker, a piece of jewelry or a phone

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