And because we know that the needs of your business are not only limited to certain services, ALGORITM wishes to facilitate your collaboration with its trustworthy partners. All the partners offer facilities and special tariffs for the ALGORITM customers.

TRUSTED helps online stores develop, comply with the current laws and enforce good practices in the e-commerce. 

Displaying the Trustworthy Brand on a website means that the online store complies with a set of criteria regarding the legislative obligations and good e-commerce practices, having at the same time the option to integrate a crucial service for the increase of the trust of consumers – the feedback system “Trustworthy opinions”, through which we collect the reviews of the 100% real customers and we display them in full on the website.

According to a study performed with Eureka Insights in 2018, 80% of the respondents associate the brand with trust, and 33% know it when they see it displayed on an online store. Up to this moment, has collected more than 266,000 reviews from real customers of online stores in Romania. The increase of the trust of the consumers in the brand is reflected in the sales, in drawing up new customers and keeping those already existing. The presence of the logo may increase the conversion rate of an online store with up to 10%.   

Currently, 216 stores own the Trustworthy Brand The team offers assistance throughout the entire certification, in order to help the owners of the online stores check all the 30 standard criteria. constantly updates its certification standards, in order to be compliant with the legislative news applicable to the electronic commerce.

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Who is TEAMSHARE? We believe that it is the best solution of integrated e-commerce, scalable and automated.

If you want to have an e-commerce website which is stable in time, scalable and adjustable to the growth of your business, then the TEAMSHARE platform may offer you this. In short: you make an e-commerce website now and you may use it for years with the possibility to later add functionalities, integrations, developments as you wish. Moreover, TEAMSHARE offers the automation of all the processes.

What does TEAMSHARE offer?

  • The e-commerce platform (B2C) and/or the B2Bplatform for your resellers. You may start at a small level, but as your business grows, the TEAMSHARE platform offers you the scaling possibility.
  • Solutions for the automation of your business:
    • Automated listing of the products in Marketplaces of Romania and Europe
    • Prices and stock synchronizing
    • Automated generation of AWBs and invoices

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Law office

Bucharest, str. Sevastopol, nr 17, district 1;

Brasov, str. Argintului nr 6 & str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 32 

Any company needs a Law Office at some point. ALGORITM recommends Law Office Razvan Nicolau as a trustworthy partner. 

Offered services: 

  • Company and Commercial Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Litigations and arbitration
  • Labor Law and Employees Benefits
  • Competition and Antitrust
  • Intellectual property
  • GDPR

*The services offered to the partners will be charged. ALGORITM facilitates the access of our sellers to trustworthy partners offering quality and tested services. 

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UpTown Credit

Consultants with experience and expertise in the banking system from Romania.

After a 20 years’ experience in the Romanian banking system, we know that the most important step in taking out a LOAN is finding a professional to consult with before choosing a funding solution.

From the first interaction with the UpTown Credit representatives, you will be convinced about our expertise and ability to find customized funding solutions.

Because it seems to be a difficult process, most small businesses owners do not turn to loans/funding in order to develop their business. Each of them tries to limit themselves to the existing financial resources, to abandon certain business initiatives or at the most to take loans from friends/family. All these occur with the price of slowing down the increase of the business and/or missing some opportunities.

It is true that accessing funding, both as a company and as an individual, may take a lot of your energy. Maybe it is not the funding itself that is complicated but the uncertainty that you have made the correct choice considering the multitude of the offers existing on the market.

If you are I charge of one of those companies which need a loan to stimulate the increase or to fund other business initiatives, it is very likely that you will need some help. This is the time when we recommend that you turn to a loans broker. Why turn to a loans broker and not go straight to the bank myself?” the great majority of company owners who have never collaborated with a loans broker ask themselves.

The answer is simple:

  • YOU SAVE TIME– Through one interaction with an UPTOWN CREDIT representative you have access to several funding offers from the market and you have the possibility to draw a comparative analysis between the offers of several creditors (banks or NFI, according to your needs)
  • YOU SAVE MONEY – By turning to an UPTOWN CREDIT representative you may get a loan with a customized interest, respectively you can obtain better conditions that you would turn to the bank directly
  • YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES– You have permanently a dedicated counselor who will be there with you until you decide what is the funding structure suitable for your business (funding period, guarantees, loan costs)

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