If I have my own online store, why sell on eMAG as well?

In this article, we will not give details about what to do to be successful with your own online store, but we will tell you a few important facts which are good to know in order to make the right decisions about the choice of the own sale channels VS the Marketplace channel.

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From our experience, we have seen own online stores very successful and with large communication budgets, but which had the surprise to see that a part of their customers who had bought from their online store in the past, directly, had migrated and subsequently bought from eMAG. Why?

  • As a consumer, it is simpler and faster to have all the data in the account.
  • Sometimes the customer forgets what store he/she bought product x and product y from. At eMAG you have them all in one place.
  • A lot of customers have free transport and they enjoy that.
  • Safety: a lot of times customers know that eMAG returns their money without any problems if the product is returned or if it came with a fault. In return, there have been return issues with some independent stores.


An online store, in order to attract visitors and for these visitors to be turned into customers, needs 3 important things:

  • The position of the store and what it promises to the customer
  • A lot of content and campaigns
  • Communication budgets

Let’s take one at a time:

1. Position and promiseor to put it otherwise, what does the customer come to you for? You must give the customer a promise, a position of your store. For example, a customer must know that they can find with your products from a niche like: Greek products, national costumes, spare parts, fashion products. Another example are the online stores which gather several products, and especially which have very searched products on the market. Only they have to have a different position and promise something else to the customer: either extraordinary purchase experience, promotions, advantageous prices, multitude of prices, stock in hard-to-find products etc. Otherwise, the customer will not understand why he got to you and or he would buy from your website.

2. Content and campaigns
Maybe many entrepreneurs with online stores already know these things, but the ones implementing or doing it consistently and correctly are few. Here are a few ideas of content in your own channels:
• Content in the website: blog articles, details about products, videos, photographs, infographics, recipes, reviews from customer
• Content in your social media accounts: posts on FB, Insta, LinkedIN, Youtube and even Tik-Tok.
• Content to your customers through: SMS, newsletters.

Here are a few ideas of campaigns:
• Promotional campaigns: percentage discount, vouchers, buy a product and you are offered something as a gift, free transport etc.
• Social campaigns (CSR): look for a cause and think about a campaign that your customers will empathize with. Examples: for the purchase of product x we offer y% for the children with problems or for old people.

3. Communication budgets:
No matter how much content you add, however, you cannot grow without communication budgets. Google will not index you and FB will not show your post. You will be practically left with a store that you know. It’s like having a physical store at the edge of a city on a narrow alley which the passers-by don’t see. There are very many campaigns variants in the communication department, it matters what you want, how much money you have and who you work with. Here are only a few examples: FB Ads, Google Ads, Remarketing, SEO of page, campaigns with bloggers, etc.


eMAG is the most important Marketplace from Romania. It is not us who say it, but the numbers. What benefits does eMAG bring to your business?

  • A visibility of the product in millions of users
  • Larger sales
  • Easy to manage
  • You can test the product before importing a very large amount
  • There is no trouble with all kinds of campaigns you should be conducting. You have quite a lot of types of campaigns which you only activate from the seller account.

Conclusion: It is wonderful to have your own website but expect a lot of work, constantly, and large budgets in order to be successful. Do not compare your website with eMAG. eMAG is different. It is the biggest mistake you can make. If you have your own products, if you respect the customer, then eMAG is just an additional channel which will help you sell more and show your products and your brand to a larger public. Both channels complete each other, they do NOT exclude each other.

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