Black Friday 2022 on eMAG ISN’T for everyone!

To reach maximum potential with the eMAG Black Friday campaign you have to prepare early. Uploaing an excel 2 days before the start of the campaign isn’t going to cut it.


The preparation starts early! At Algoritm, we already got started on the strategies for our sellers!

Here’s what we recommend:

Here’s what we recommend:

  • PRICE: pay attention to what kind of products you choose for the eMAG campaigns in september and october. Calculate the price carefully. The BF discount will be taken from the lowest price in the last 30 days OR if you want your product to be on a Microsite, then you have to consider the lowest price in the last 60 days (if the price index isn’t monitored for some products, the discount will be taken into consideration based on the lowest price in the last 60 days).
  • STOCK: Make sure you have a full stock. To appear on the eMAG Black Friday campaign mictosite you have to prepare with a special stock of minimum 50, and if you have a stock of 100, your chances of getting on top of the page are greater.
  • PACKAGE DELIVERY TERM: maximum 6 days. A product with a longer term means an unvalid product in the campaign.

For a succesful Black Friday on eMAG, call ALGORITM and we can talk about your strategy. Don’t wait until november to upload your files or it will be too late.

Good luck!

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