At ALGORITM we speak more about you than about us

Are you an entrepreneur or are you working in a multinational company? If you are here, it means that most likely a customer recommended us. 

Let’s talk about you, entrepreneur: you sell in eMAG Marketplace or in several Marketplaces and you want to sell more. You have done a lot of things on your own, but something is still not working and you don’t have time to deal with everything. Or… you are not a seller yet and so far, you have sold well in distribution or in your store, but you’ve heard that the online is growing and you want to sell online as well. You do not have a Marketplace account yet, but you have heard about us and they advised you to contact us as soon as possible. 

You work in a multinational company: you are in the Marketing or Sales department and a notification has come from the HQ that you must finish the “listing of the products online” project and this must be quick and cheap and good. The HR says that they don’t have any more positions in the organizational chart so there is nobody to share the tasks. And there you see the project management of the online channel development fall on the shoulders of the best person in the company… just because he or she can or because it is his/her job. All the steps you must take and the teams you must send the brief to clearly become an overtime job. Centralizing products, translations, titles and ample descriptions of the products, technical specifications, creation and DTP, photographs and videos… are just a part of the materials to be delivered. If we add a very tight deadline so that Q2 does not pass, then you will surely sleep at your office.

No matter if you are an entrepreneur or you are working in a multinational company, we doubt the fact that you have found a new colleague with multiple skills for everything you need. That is why we created the perfect ALGORITM, an internal specialists team, with marketing and communication experience for over 20 years.

Daniel, Laura, Madalin, Bogdan and Catalin will help you with everything that eMAG Marketplace and other Marketplaces mean. Bogdan, Danut and Stelian will discover the most beautiful things about your products. April and Razvan will make your products stand out in the most suitable photo images and videos. Cristi will offer you solutions for your production needs. Claudia handles the identification of your needs and the coordination of the teams and work processes.

You, as our partner, will also benefit from extended experience and expertise through the ALGORITM partner companies.

Communicate with us as it is easier for you: call us, send us an e-mail, send a Whatsapp message or send a pigeon with a note and we will answer you promptly.