What results have you achieved online?

Do you sell in the marketplace? Do you also have your own online shop? Tell us a few details and we will recommend you what you have to do and if you have reached the maximum level of performance.

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Do you represent a BRAND?

Online, you present your products through vast product presentations including pictures, 360 videos, icons, texts with the description of the functions, of the characteristics, the important benefits of your products and product technical sheets.

How is it done?


We set up the account, we make modifications, so that you can sell more

Following the initial analysis, we decide what we have to do for your seller account or for your online store. We are the objective outside eye analyzing and objectively telling you about the current state of your account or online store. A team of experts will work on your account. You are no longer alone!


We implement campaigns, we increase the account, we bring larger sales

After modifying during the first stage, now we keep increasing. We make campaigns, we improve indices, we activate programmes, we calculate margins, we bring your products to the first pages, we think and act with precaution. All you have to do from now on is to have products.


And your sales keep growing from one month to another

We follow results, we expand to other marketplaces as well, we tell you what value plus you can add, we look for opportunities for you, we recommend you trustworthy partners which will help you grow, we suggest new products. Together we are a team, we are talking about development from now on.

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